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The clients for these products include senior government officials in over 50 countries, as well as numerous officials working in the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Leticia Molinero has done an excellent job on each and every one of those documents. Overall, the quality of her work has been outstanding."

Aysel Basci, President
International Debt Management Corporation

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Translation Into Spanish for the
U.S. Hispanic Market

Latinos Gaining in Population But Suffering Worse DisparitiesAl aumentar la población hispana empeoran las disparidades
On any single day, a Latino youngster in the Bronx is likely to be removed from her home by caseworkers for educational neglect.En cualquier momento puede suceder que, por motivo de negligencia educacional, una joven hispana del Bronx sea retirada de su hogar por trabajadores de casos sociales.
This young girl will have gone days without regularly attending school, as she had to frequently care for siblings when family and friends were not available.La niña habrá pasado días sin asistir regularmente a la escuela, dado que frecuentemente debió quedarse en casa a cuidar de sus hermanitos cuando no se podía contar con la familia y los amigos.

Financial Translation Into Spanish
(Latin American Market)

FX ProductsProductos de Divisas
Introduction of the Offshore Chinese Renminbi (CNH)Introducción al yuan chino offshore (CNH)
XXX Private Bank offers our US and non-US clients access to the Hong Kong renminbi (CNH) currency for spot and forward trades. As the market develops, we will continue to be on the forefront of product offerings including structured products and fixed income instruments.XXX Private Bank ofrece a nuestros clientes estadounidenses y no estadounidenses acceso al yuan de Hong Kong (CHN) para operaciones en los mercados de contado y a plazo. A medida que vaya evolucionando el mercado, seguiremos a la vanguardia ofreciendo una selección de productos, entre los que se incluyen productos estructurados e instrumentos de renta fija.

Legal Translation Into Spanish for the
U.S. Domestic Market

Victim & Family Resources > Resources by Crime > Immigration FraudRecursos para Víctimas y sus Familiares > Recursos por Delito > Fraude de Inmigración
Resources for Victims of Immigration FraudRecursos para Víctimas de Fraude de Inmigración
Immigrant Affairs ProgramPrograma de Asuntos del Inmigrante

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